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Dear Friends,

kyle guitar strings

Kyle stringing guitars before the weekly teen center jam session

I recently had the privilege of attending a public presentation by Kyle; a local youth that has attended our Basement Teen Center for 4 years.  Kyle was nominated by his peers to discuss how his involvement with Bureau programs has impacted his life. Here’s just a glimpse of what he had to say

“As a freshman, I was a particularly introverted teenager, who had yet to find his identity. Throughout my years transitioning between high schools, I regularly visited the Teen Center, whether dropping in after school, or unwinding there on Friday after a long week. Being at the teen center allowed me to boost my confidence and improve my personality vastly. The teen center has also inspired passion inside me for caring for the local Montpelier community. Though I wouldn’t have realized it when I first came to the teen center four years ago, this space underneath city hall has proved to be one of the biggest influences to my life in high school. Not only has the space improved upon my temperament and character, but it has gotten me much more involved in my local community and the people around me.”

Kyle’s experience speaks to the mission of the Bureau. We provide opportunities for youth to grow and develop in communities that are committed to their future as investments in Vermont’s future.

You can help the Bureau continue to be an important resource for Washington County youth. Today, more than ever, young people and their families are facing increasingly difficult life circumstances. As we all adjust to an unpredictable economy and carefully plan for our own futures, it’s critical that our young people do not get left behind.  Would you believe that as little as $25 can make a difference?

With your support last year, 1,211 Washington County youth and families received the assistance they needed to overcome challenging obstacles in their lives. We couldn’t have done it without your help and we thank you. Unfortunately, our work isn’t done.  Together, right now, we can:

  • help address youth homelessness by providing housing supports and emergency shelter
  • help youth and their families achieve more stable homes by working through family conflicts
  • help teen parents achieve healthy, full-term pregnancies and healthy lifestyles for their families
  • help youth transition successfully into stable, independent adulthood
  • help teens and young adults find alternatives to and reduce substance use
  • help youth develop leadership skills, negotiate challenges, and succeed.

You can be part of the solution, today.  Together, we can change a life.

Kreig Pinkham,  Executive Director

p.s. Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount works for you makes this possible. Thank you.

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